“May the people’s creativity drive this country into democracy”

This phrase was written in the description of Doh Ayay, a song by LITT ENT. from Myanmar. Following the military coup in February 2021, the song was published on YouTube on 25 February with the hashtag #CivilDisobedienceMovement#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar and #SaveMyanmar.

Doh Aya means ‘our rights’. It’s an anthem from the people and a music video to accompany the recent political movement led by the people. The cutting between news footages and real gathering on the streets recalls the day when we, Rap Against Dictatorship, also did the same.

“Music” is being reclaimed by the new generation in our fight for justice. Every message arranged and conveyed in the song gave us chills. Myanmar’s fight is more powerful than Thailand’s because they can no longer continue to live under the military dictatorship. Without the monarchy, their politicians and military men do not have any one to blindly defend in the name of divine righteousness.

Resistance movements in Myanmar have constantly been on the news. While the movement in Thailand is taking its time, step by step, issue by issue, the people of Myanmar remains focused on one goal: to return democracy to the people.

The military has squandered enough of the country’s benefits. This is a new era, an era that no longer clutches murderous weapons to fight, but an era where Gen Z’s will abolish dictatorship once and for all, just as the song Doh Ayay is calling out to all Gen Z’s around the world. This is the end of the dark age, the day when the dictatorial government no longer have a place on this earth. Rise, my friends.
Doh Ayay

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