On 17 January 2021, Rap Against Dictatorship’s “REFORM” (ปฏิรูป) was played on ‘Something More’, a radio show that airs every Sunday on one of Australia’s famous radio stations, triple j. Tim Shiel, the show’s DJ, wrote in the show’s introduction published on triplej.net.au that audiences will be listening to some drill beats produced by a group of Thai activists.

Halfway into the show, on the 57:58 minute mark, Tim Shiel spoke about Thailand’s system of governance that faithfully clings onto the monarchy. However, since last year, the majority of Thailand’s new generation have been speaking out and calling for change.

Hip-hop music has been a driving force to convey political ideals around the world. The same can be said for Thailand where Rap Against Dictatorship has made a powerful demands for democracy in their songs and, most recently, direct and unflinching references to the monarchy in “REFORM” (ปฏิรูป).

Time Shiel left a note to his listeners that they can watch the music video with English subtitles on Youtube, which also contains real footages shot in the protests. But the unexpected happened: the video was banned in Thailand just before the New Year.

Hip-Hop music pulses with a desire for transformation. Today, it is still being censored in many places around the world.

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